Our Vision: To provide resources and training for the United Pentecostal Church International to aid in reaching the African-American community and increasing urban evangelism while facilitating successful cross-cultural assimilation into the church.

Building The Bridge Ministries will serve as a conduit into the urban culture and in dealing with urban issues.  This ministry is uniquely equipped and positioned to play this role for the UPCI as it has been predominately focused for the past 30 years on the African-American community which has long been dealing with the effects of those negative urban influences.  We recognize that this influence now transcends some of the traditional cultural and socio-economic barriers, and all of our churches must be equipped to deal with it.  The effect on our society has been manifested in the extreme rise of drug addiction and criminal activity in every community, the high rate of single mothers and broken homes, sexually transmitted disease, and destructive lifestyle choices. Those that have followed this way of life have become completely disconnected from the society at large and stuck in a hopeless cycle of spiritual bondage, joblessness, poverty, and addictions.  It is our mission to break this cycle and reverse the works of the enemy in this arena.

The Church needs new tools to combat the root causes of these issues.  We intend to first find and highlight churches and ministries that have been effective in dealing with these issues.  We will share their successes and experiences with the entire fellowship to help develop the best and most effective practices for all.  Secondly, we will create a team of stakeholders from across our fellowship that will assist us in devising new and effective ways to equip our churches to be successful in urban ministry no matter the setting.

We covet your prayers, direction and leadership as we embark upon this new direction.

Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18

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