Building The Bridge Ministries is committed to inspiring and equipping the United Pentecostal Church to reach into both the African-American and urban community.  Over the years, BTB has been successful in increasing the presence of the UPCI in these areas and in integrating people of all backgrounds into our churches, the ministry, and leadership.  However, there is still work to be done.

We will join hands with people from all backgrounds, races, and locations to more effectively evangelize our target communities.  The enemy is unleashing an all out attack against these communities and we believe it is time for a united church to fight back.

Our plan begins with education, training, and resources.  God has blessed us with leaders with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be a valuable asset to all the churches in our fellowship.  In our symposiums, conference, and training sessions, this information will be presented in practical, applicable ways.  The subject matter will be timely and relevant and the instructors will be experienced and qualified.

Building The Bridge Ministries will also be a source of support for churches who accept the challenge of intentionally reaching into our target areas.  The ministry has and will continue to give financial support to those churches and ministries who are in need of it.  In addition to financial support, the ministry will be a source of emotional and spiritual support for those who work to accomplish the vision.

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