Building the Bridge is a facilitator of relationships.  Our ultimate goal is to draw people closer to God and to one another.  We are passionate about overcoming traditional barriers and obstacles and building relationships in an environment that enable... read more

Building The Bridge is a ministry and, as such, ministering to the spiritual needs of our world remains our primary focus.  While we address many of the very real social and cultural ills that plague our society and seek to assist people in their efforts... read more

Building The Bridge Ministry has developed symposiums geared towards equipping church leaders to reach our increasingly diverse nation.  The sessions are designed to be practical and exhaustive.  In short, we provide a platform for real-world experts to... read more

Our conferences are geared towards engaging the body as a whole and inspiring the entire body, from the pulpit to the pew, to get involved with changing our world.  

Ultimately, Building The Bridge Ministry wants to make a difference.  We have seen what is happening in the African-American community, in our city centers, and in our nation as a whole, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to counteract... read more