What can you do?

Are you tired of seeing the destruction the enemy is wreaking in the African-American and urban communities?  Do you see the coordinated spiritual, emotional, and physical attack for what it is?  The first hurdle that has to be overcome is the fear that there is nothing we can do.  The first step is to embrace the confidence that there is an answer…and we have it.  There is a Solution…and we have Him.

If you wish to be a part of the solution, you can begin by taking advantage of the resources and training BTB will be providing.  A coordinated, systematic attack of the enemy has to be understood and those who will fight it will need to be equipped to do so.  We encourage to connect with the ministry and stay connected and informed.  Take advantage of the resources, trainings, symposiums, and conferences.  Some resources will be available remotely and some trainings will occur in various parts of the country.  We will communicate what resources and trainings are available, and you can contact us at any time with any specific question or concern you may have.

You can also help by supporting the ministry financially.  We are committed to becoming a more practical ministry.  We want to support and equip as many churches and ministries as possible in their efforts in our target communities.  Your support of Building The Bridge Ministries will make that possible.  We will communicate specific needs as well as inform you of what things we are doing in response.  We will profile churches and ministries that embody both the spirit of Building the Bridge Ministries as well as our need for your support.

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